Running FuseSoC

FuseSoC is a command-line tool; this section explains how to use it. The following content is aimed at users who already have a hardware design which uses FuseSoC.

Build a design

The fusesoc run group of commands is used to setup, build, and (if possible) run a design. The exact actions taken by the individual steps depend on the toolflow.

usage: fusesoc run [-h] [--no-export] [--build-root BUILD_ROOT] [--setup] [--build] [--run] [--target TARGET] [--tool TOOL] [--flag FLAG] [--system-name SYSTEM_NAME] system ...

positional arguments:
  system                Select a system to operate on
  backendargs           arguments to be sent to backend

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --no-export           Reference source files from their current location instead of exporting to a build tree
  --build-root BUILD_ROOT
                        Output directory for build. Defaults to build/$VLNV
  --setup               Execute setup stage
  --build               Execute build stage
  --run                 Execute run stage
  --target TARGET       Override default target
  --tool TOOL           Override default tool for target
  --flag FLAG           Set custom use flags. Can be specified multiple times
  --system-name SYSTEM_NAME
                        Override default VLNV name for system